Bert sitting down at a table with a trophy in front of him

Bert’s success with his dream job for the Seattle Mariners

"Because of you, people with disabilities are receiving the on-going support they need to be successful."

When someone is referred to Work Opportunities, a plan is mapped out, from goals and dreams, to skill building and abilities. A client and staff reach out to businesses based on that plan, applying for open positions. Our staff assist through that entire process, including on-the-job training and support, working directly with an employer.

The goal: On-going paid employment that allows a person with disabilities to become a valued and contributing member of our community.

Bert is a great example of that! He recently was celebrated by the Seattle Mariners!

Five years ago, Bert talked his mom into going to a job fair at T-Mobile park, back when it was known as Safeco Field.

Bert was called for a 2nd interview! Bert and his employment support specialist, Kassara, headed down and he was hired as a fielder for the Seattle Mariners! As a fielder, he gets to greet guests and hand out promotion materials at the home games. Kassara said it has been a wonderful adventure over the last five years supporting Bert with his journey. This was a lifelong dream of his as well. And on award night, he was on TV, got a trophy and a game ball.

Because of Work Opportunities, Bert is receiving the continued support he needs to have many more years at his dream job with the Mariners!

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Bert, Fielder

Bert sitting down at a table with a trophy in front of him
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